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Refrigerator REPAIRS Airdrie

When your refrigerator stops working, your life is greatly impacted – not to mention all the food, and therefore money, you stand to lose. When it comes to refrigerator appliance repair, time is of the essence.  That is why we are available to make refrigerator repairs 24/7. Freedom Appliances holds a solid reputation in fridge repairs. Moreover, we have serviced thousands of fridge and freezer issues around Airdrie since 2009. Refrigerator REPAIRS Airdrie

Refrigerator REPAIRS Airdrie

Our refrigeration technicians are fully certified and equipped to repair all major freezer and refrigerator brands and types. Whether your fridge or freezer isn’t cold enough, the internal light is broken or there’s an electrical fault, we guarantee our refrigerator tradesmen will diagnose and fix your issue as efficiently as possible. We strive to offer a reliable, professional and timely fridge repair service to our Airdrie's customers as we understand the inconvenience and food wastage involved.

Freedom Appliances located in Airdrie.

Refrigerator REPAIRS Airdrie


Below are some of the more common dryer  problems we fix. However, we are trained and able to fix match more.

Freon Issue | Freon licking |  Fridge Compressor not Working | Worn electrical wiring | Door gaskets not sealing properly | Malfunctioning control modules | Problems with the defrost heater | Inaccurate thermostat | And more...


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