Gas or Electric Stove. What to Choose?

Gas or Electric Stove. What to Choose?

Are you looking for a new stove? Sometimes it is quite hard to decide which one is right for you. As both, electric and gas stoves, have their advantages and disadvantages. For your convenience, we made a short list of things to pay attention to while choosing a stove. however

Gas Stove. Pros.

This part is very obvious. As soon as you turn the burner on, you get an instant constant flame. And you can adjust it visually.
If you really enjoy cooking, having a gas stove is a big plus. It allows you to cook food faster and evenly. Because of the way flames spread along the bottom and sides of your pans.
Though this is not a huge advantage, but… The gas stove is cheaper to operate. If you already have gas hook-ups for it, it’ll save you some money on electricity bill. electric stove repairs Airdrie

Gas stove. Cons. electric stove repairs Airdrie

As we mentioned above, having gas hook-up means a lot at this point. It can get quite pricey to install the new one. Also, gas stoves are more expensive in most cases.
Let’s take a look at safety here. After you’re done cooking, you should always double check if the gas is off. Because we all know how dangerous natural gas can be.

Electric stove. Pros.

Easy cleaning and sleek look. There is no need to add more to this point. Most of the models electric stoves have glass cook top, which can add more work space to the kitchen counter. Also, you don’t have to remove any gas nozzles to clean it properly.
Electric stoves are cheaper. They cost less not only to buy, but also to install.
As for amateur cooks, they are easier to operate. Along with that, such stoves offer more stable cook surface. electric stove repairs Airdrie

Electric stove. Cons.

Electric stoves cook slower. Also there is also a big minus in cleaning. If you drop some sugar and let it melt on the glass surface of the stove, it will be impossible to clean it.
The use of electricity will cost you more, than if you used a gas stove.
And the last, but not the least. Electric stoves are not for people who live in the areas with often power outages. Even though you can have a generator, sometimes it might not be enough to support this kind of range. electric stove repairs Airdrie