Frigidaire Appliance Repair Airdrie

Frigidaire Appliance Repair Airdrie

Trust in Freedom Appliance Repair, Airdrie. We’ll get it done right with time to spare. Frigidaire appliances are a logical choice when picking out new appliances for your home. They are known for their reliability and as one of the best appliance companies in the industry. That’s why we have technicians ready and able to bring you speedy yet thorough repairs you can depend on.

Our technicians can work on your Frigidaire washers, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, ovens, and stoves. Within minutes, most problems can be identified through expert troubleshooting by our talented and certified technicians. Then, before you know it, you will have a functioning appliance doing what it does best – providing convenience and making your household chores much easier.

Just know that with Freedom Appliance, we have you covered. We carry most parts that wear out over time so that most repairs can be completed within a day. Therefore, you do not have to go days without your essential appliances. Contact us today!

We Are Certified Red Seal Technicians in Airdrie

Don’t let just anyone fix your appliances. While a random handyperson could probably fix your appliance ten years ago, modern appliances are not as easy to repair. In light of this, you should always ensure that you hire the right company for the job. At Freedom Appliances, we are certified Red Seal Technicians in Airdrie.

All our technicians have logged the work hours needed and successfully passed their exams with flying colours. They have years of experience under their belts and know the inner workings of various appliances, from stoves to washing machines and more. Therefore, you can get peace of mind knowing that you are working with the best in the industry.

Frigidaire Washer Repair

Having a broken washer with the clothes piling up and overflowing their baskets can be a taxing issue. Don’t let it bring down your day, and start the Frigidaire washer repair process by giving us a call, and within minutes, we will begin making arrangements to suit your schedule for a technician to stop by. It doesn’t matter if your washer is leaky or if it won’t spin; we will be able to solve your appliance woes. And if we can’t, we’ll provide expert advice regarding your next appliance purchase.

For leaky washers, we check the water hose connection to see if it is loose. It can loosen over time due to the vibrations from the washer. If that’s not the problem, our technician will check the washers and seals for leaky areas. Or it could be a deteriorated drain hose, as most need to be repaired every five years due to cracking and other damage.

With Freedom Appliances, know that we won’t stop until we figure out the issue!

Frigidaire Dryer Repair

If you are looking for a Frigidaire dryer repair, look no further than Freedom Appliance Repair, Airdrie. We have the experience and skill needed to solve the majority of dryer issues within a few hours. As our work trucks carry the parts that most commonly break down, we rarely have to leave to get a replacement part. And rest assured, our parts and work come with a guarantee.

Most dryers have a life expectancy of 10-15 years, and even longer if you get regular maintenance and clean the lint trap and exhaust vent properly once a month. Additionally, if our technicians see any part that may need fixing in the future, we will let you know. That way, you can save time and money on a second service call. And worry not; we can solve a range of dryer issues, such as dryers that shut off due to clogged exhaust vents that cause overheating or a damaged motor relay. Our Freedom Appliance technicians are truly talented and will work tirelessly to get your dryer back up and running.

Frigidaire Dishwasher Repair

Out of all the appliances in these modern times, some prefer the dishwasher over even the fridge! We know doing dishes can be a messy job, and we’ll do everything in our power to get yours working again.

The most common problems are leaks, dishes coming out dirty, or the dishwasher is not draining. Alternately, it may run louder than normal or simply won’t turn on. With all the working pieces of a dishwasher, they naturally wear down over time and need replacing, especially when the appliance is used often.

Our Frigidaire dishwasher repair technicians have seen it before, and that’s why they make sure they have the tools, parts, and knowledge to fix your faulty dishwasher in no time at all.

Frigidaire Fridge Repair

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a fridge. The most common issue is temperature issues, particularly not cooling your food to an appropriate temperature. It takes skill and precision to dismantle, repair, and restore your Frigidaire fridge to its original state. That’s why Freedom Appliances in Airdrie hires only the most talented and tech-smart people to work on appliances you have spent your hard-earned money on.

Here are some examples of problems we can help with your Frigidaire fridge repair: the fridge constantly cycles or stays running, leaking water, ice buildup in the freezer, broken water dispenser, warm fridge, noisy fridge, and, lastly, the fridge increases your energy bill significantly. If your fridge is functioning properly, the last thing it should do is raise your energy bill. So if you notice a difference come bill time, call us at Freedom Appliance Repair.

Frigidaire Oven & Stove Repair

You have all the ingredients, and the guests arrive at five p.m. Suddenly, your oven will not heat up to the desired temperature. Don’t panic, call us at Freedom Appliances. We may be able to help you with a Frigidaire oven & stove repair. One of our customer support team will help get a technician out to your home as soon as possible. We are known for our swift yet precise repairs that will restore your oven or stove to like new.

We have been a staple in the industry in the Airdrie community. That’s due to our emergency repair services. When we come to your home for a Frigidaire oven and stove repair, we will treat your home with the respect it deserves. Our services are all-inclusive, including the service call, labour, and replacement parts. It’s knowing our customers and what they want that has made us excel as a business. Let us at Freedom Appliance complete your Frigidaire appliance repair, Airdrie, today.