French Door Fridges. What is it all about.

French Door Fridges. What is it all about.

French door fridges are popular with large families and for good reasons. The highly functional unit typically features a spacious refrigerator section at the top with two doors that swing outwards. A freezer section is at the base. The extra wide width of the fridge makes it ideal for storing wide platters, pots and more. For households that love food, entertaining, or shopping in bulk, french door models are simply the way to go!
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The main advantage to this slightly elaborate door configuration is that opening one of the half doors lets less cold air out than if you’d swung open both. The other advantage is the fact that as with a side-by-side model, the split doors mean less clearance is required between the fridge and your bench/other kitchen installations. Airdrie refrigerator repair

Why “French Door” fridge?

This fridge style is believed to have been inspired by the glass double-doors and windows found in classic French architecture. Which is perfect for taking in the panoramic views of the majestic countryside and/or revolutionary mobs.

We can’t say for certain whether these 3 & 4 door fridges were specifically modeled after the design of these doors and windows, or if their resemblance is entirely accidental. Regardless, the name has stuck over the years.

What are the pros of a French Door fridge?

More space Airdrie refrigerator repair

Probably everyone at least once in their lifetime was dreaming of having more space in their fridge. So, here is it is!

Behind a French Door fridge’s double doors are nice wide shelves, providing plenty of storage space. This allows you to store more food without turning filling the fridge into some kind of puzzle. Airdrie refrigerator repair

Fresh food at eye level

Just like other bottom mount fridges, French Door designs have their refrigerator section on top. This way you can easily access your fresh food without having to crouch or bend down. As many households use far more fresh food than frozen, this can come in very handy, especially if your back isn’t the best. Airdrie refrigerator repair

Convenient long-term storage

The freezer sections of many French Door designs are arranged into several deep drawers, allowing you to view their contents with just a quick glance downward. This is ideal for if you like to freeze food in bulk, and defrost it when it’s required. Airdrie refrigerator repair

Ice and water options Airdrie refrigerator repair

Several French Door fridge designs include ice and water dispensers built into the door, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy fresh chilled water or ice cubes at a moment’s notice. There are models available that connect to your kitchen’s plumbing to ensure a continuous supply of ice and water, as well as models that use a manually-refilled tank for a quicker and simpler installation. Airdrie refrigerator repair

Easy access door options

sometimes known as a Door In Door or Handy Hatch, this miniature doorway built into the fridge door opens straight up onto your fridge’s door bins (I hope you like doors). Not only does this let you and your guests quickly grab a drink or a snack with ease, but it helps to limit the amount of cold air that escapes the fridge when you’re fetching these little items. Airdrie refrigerator repair however

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